Titan Slayer


Mushrooms Express - Type V featured in latest Groupees Bundle

@Groupees: "As many of us face challenges during this difficult time, hopefully this bundle can provide some joy. It features a handful of albums for $0 minimum, 25% of contributions donated (plus all of Swedish Columbia’s share) to DirectRelief Coronavirus…

Interview with Solo Player 

Hi Andrew, how is everything? 

Hey! Well, everything is great. My very first EP is about to release so I'm super excited about it. 

How did you start making music and was your biggest influence? 

I've started…

New Hyperreal Artist - Solo Player!

Solo Player here bringing noise to your ears and chaos into your playlist. I love experements so I jump from one style to another. From scratchy screaming guitars and agressive dark synths to orchestral music, ambient or darkwave.

All Hyperreal Bundle II

15+ digital releases, 2 t-shirts, stickers and more coming soon in All Hyperreal Bundle II on Groupees. Stay tuned for pre-order, bonuses and prizes ⚡️


Neon Ranger - Debug

Neon Ranger comes back with a brand new synthwave and electronic rock EP - DEBUG! 

Hyperreal Bundle - Out NOW!

For the next 2 weeks name your price ($2 minimum) for 7 digital releases from Hyperreal Records and choose for a % of your contribution to be donated to PreventCancer charity. The bundle includes bonuses, prizes, and an exclusive…