Interview with Skandaji

SKANDAJI is an electronic music producer and DJ, co-founder of TreffSide Music, BJJ practitioner and Physics BSc student recently has released his EP "Rubix" in exclusive Groupees promotion via Hyperreal.

Hyperreal (H): Hi Skandaji, how are you doing today?

SKANDAJI (S): I am a pretty fine brother, all good, doing my thing as usual, becoming a better person day by day. 

H: You are known as a DJ and electronic music producer that previously appeared on shows alongside names like Dennis Cruz, Matt Sassari just to name a few… May you share details on your early stage of your DJ career and which circumstances were leading to that outcome? 

S: Well that’s a good question, early on, during my teenage years I got into the WORLD of dance music through rough party night and hangouts with a friend, the energy and vibe that I felt during that night was unlike anything else I've ever witnessed, I couldn’t let go of those sounds buzzing on my head through the whole weekend therefore, one day I said I would also like to bring that same energy to people on the dancefloor. Why not? Let them feel what I did. Hypnotizing people, here it is. 

H: Can you tell our readers more about your latest EP "Rubix"?

S: Rubix is one of my favorite EPs I would say it is a year and a half worth of work I did not want to release any of those tracks before, waiting for the right moment and perfecting each of them till the point where I said, enough.. can't make this sound better in my head than it is. Rubix is certainly a blend of heartfelt emotions, full of passion, vivid and warm. Bringing together solid, greasy basslines wobbling through your chest, rhythmically mysterious percussions, and stingy yet sharp  synths that will sure make want to dance. Producing the EP was a memorable time during my  career as I was going through personal problems in life and sitting down in the studio making those  sounds was my only way out of that routine. Hope you guys enjoy it as I did. 

RUBIX - Out now on Groupees! 

H: How would you  define electronic music and which trace or influence you might have for it? 

S: Electronic music isn’t just music, by definition. It comes from many other different orientations,  that led to the development of such a genre. Many people throughout the evolution timelapse of  dance music brought a piece to the engine that made it what it sounds like these days. And I  believe there is much more to come. My inspiration came from artists that I loved to listen to when I was a kid hanging around the living room and father was just busting out the speakers out loud with funky bunky Technotronic, Kraftwerk, Metroplex, derrick may, Jeff mills, and so on… 

H: How are you affected by COVID-19? 

S: That is, in my humble opinion the NUMBER ONE BULLSHIT EVER, I do believe that the world is going through one of its toughest periods, economically and socially, people will have to learn to deal with such pandemics for the years to come.

H: Besides your music projects you are known as a talented BJJ practitioner. How is music production might be connected with a BJJ chess-game, and how the sport itself unlocks your life potential? 

S: Brazilian jiu-jitsu came into my life a few years ago, and it totally turned it upside down, the way I felt moving on the mats was as close as it could be to the way I craft my sounds. 

H: What gear & software do you use for music production? 

S: I am currently using Ableton live for recording and mixing my tracks, and although I did use some synths and sequencers in the past years, I now do only produce my music exclusively in the ‘BOX’ which means with just a simple rusty computer. and I believe that’s all you need nowadays to make music. 

H: Do you have any advice for rookie DJs / music producers? 

S: My advice for every DJ out there willing to step into this business is to stay away from some unpleasant filthy people who would drag all of your ambitions and motivation down. Just believe in yourself, in your music and go out there and talk about it to people around you. Make them feel the same way you do when you are on that dance floor. Just relax and take it easy. 

H: Do we have to expect new stuff from you soon? 

S: Well, you will definitely hear about me the sooner, you call my name. Remember my name, cuz I am coming for that number one spot on Beatport. 

H: Thank you for your time.

S: Much love to you people from all around the world who gave a couple of minutes of their time to listen to my work. Hope it fills your soul as it does for me. Brings joy, happiness, and mindfulness to you. Kudos and OSS. 

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