Interview with Solo Player 

Hi Andrew, how is everything? 

Hey! Well, everything is great. My very first EP is about to release so I'm super excited about it. 

How did you start making music and was your biggest influence? 

I've started when I was a kid (I was 14 I guess) and I've tried to make electro music but then I found modern orchestral music and that was my biggest discovery and influence. That feeling, like "I want to make music the same way, epic, melodic and exciting" and I still have a lot to improve. I still find inspiration in music or action scenes from movies. 

What creative space inspires you to produce music? 

Mainly it's only me and the screen of my computer + headphones usually late at night. No midi keyboards, guitars and all that music stuff probably because I moved to a new place a few years ago and sold my acoustic guitar and a digital piano (still regret it) But now it's like that. 

Can you say a few words about your debut release Malfunction? What was the process behind it? 

Yeah, that was a hard challenge. Yet I'm still rookie. At first, the result was awful So I rewrote the whole EP. So it turned into some evil noise. Dark synths, guitars, aggression. I'm still improving my skills and hope there's more to come. 

You recently signed to Hyperreal Records. What are your expectations from the label, and which roadmap you have? 

Yep, well I expect motivation. As I said I'm a rookie so the fact of being signed up to a label motivates me o move on. I don't have some big plans or roadmaps. The only goal to achieve for now is to improve my skills. 

Would you like to make a soundtrack for a movie or a video game? If so, what is your ideal scenario? 

Of course, I do. That's my dream. I made a few tracks for indie projects and that is awesome when your track is a part of something. I never thought about an ideal scenario there are so many breathtaking ideas for scenarios and so many talented people so I'm always open for experiments. 

How listeners can get in touch with you and learn more information about yourself?  

I have an account in a lot of social media such as  



Soundcloud etc. 

I post a lot of info about myself in there. 

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