Interview with Sarah Tempest

Hi Sarah, how are you? How is life in Austria? 

Hey, I'm fantastic, thanks. Life in Austria is great. We Austrians tend to complain a lot, but in reality, we have it very nice here. Beautiful landscapes in summer and winter, great food and a special kind of humor - pretty dark and ironic. 

You learned how to play piano at age of 14 and how to play electric guitar later, what was your motivation to do so? 

Funny thing is, at first I didn't really want to learn any instrument at all. I was always a big music fan, but it was my father who talked me into at least trying it. After a few lessons I started to enjoy playing the piano and at the end of the first year, every student had to play a song in front of all the parents (I chose "Hey Jude" by The Beatles). Somehow it just got me, how everyone was listening to what I was playing, even though I absolutely don't enjoy having all eyes on me. 

What and who are your influences? 

Since I have a very broad taste in music (blues, metal, jazz, drum n bass, classical, reggae,...) I guess I just try to stay open minded to anything that comes my way. But if I had to pick one musician, I'm most fascinated by, it would be Klayton/Celldweller. This guy is a pure genius, not just with his music, but also with what he built up with his company FiXT. 

Can you describe the process of composing of your tracks? Do you get inspiration from movies and games? 

It's different every time. Sometimes I start out with a simple drum loop, other times a melody out of my head. And sometimes I create a song and end up changing everything, from tempo to instruments, so it's something completely different. Many times you also have to let go of an idea to not get stuck. 
I try not to listen to too many scores before starting a new track since I'm afraid I might unintentionally copy something. 

Do you position your self as an artist or more like production music composer? Did you play in a band? 

It depends, while I do like to play around with sounds (what some probably would call artistic) when producing soundtracks for media, you also have to think of the listener - does it create that certain feeling you're going for? Will it go along with visual content? This somewhat limits the artistic approach in my opinion. But that's OK, you can still have other projects for all your other noise. ;-) 
I've never played in a band myself, but I know some very talented local bands, who put up fantastic live shows. 

What inspires you to make a Film/TV music? Why do you stick at this musical direction? 

I absolutely love the combination of an emotional scene with just the right score. It doesn't matter if it's a sad or an epic scene, if done right, this scene will grab your full attention and even be stuck in your head for days. 

What movie or game would you like to score?

I don't have a particular movie or game I'd like to score for, but I do have this dream of one day going to the cinema and hearing one of my soundtracks. We'll see... :-) 

Your EP Collision will be released 4th of September. Can you tell us more about it? 

It's my first release on Hyperreal Records and I'm super stoked about it. A lot of work has gone into creating the EP and the label has done so much already, feels great to be signed on it. The songs are dark and rocky, but also quiet and melodic. Each song creates its own atmosphere and kind of tells a short story.  
I'm excited about the release and of course also nervous, can't wait for what else will come in the future.

What are your plans for the rest of 2017? 

First of I'm working with a local band called Meditations After Sunset on their debut album. We're in it for some months already and while it's quite exhausting here and there, it's also a lot of fun. Since all of us have a full-time job, it is taking some time to record everything and finally produce the album, but we don't have any pressure, so we take that time and give the best we can. 
Then I'm also constantly working on new soundtracks and trying out new things. When I'm not creating music, I'm trying to improve as a producer and learn more about mixing, sound design and so on.

Thank you for your time.

Thanks for the interview! :-)

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