Interview with Robert Slump 

Today, we are talking with Robert Slump, composer and engineer. How is life and your label treating you this week? 

Life has been great these last few months. Mainly because of my newborn boy of 4 months old. I had to let go of the idea that I could write music 24/7 like I used to do, but as my little boy is getting older, I seem to have more time for writing music again and finding the right balance between family life, social life and a professional career in music. 

The label Hyperreal Records has been…

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Interview with Titan Slayer 

Interview with Neufutur Magazine

Today, we’re speaking with Titan Slayer. How’s life in Russia? 

I’m afraid I can’t answer this question clearly, but I can say one thing – life in Russia is a tough thing. I live in the geographic center of this country – in Siberia. Winter here lasts about six months, lots of snow, the average temperature is -10 ~ 20 C, but sometimes it could be below -35 C. Summer is hot, at times rainy, but it is always short. At the moment I am at the master degree in Tomsk State…

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Interview with Sarah Tempest  

Hi Sarah, how are you? How is life in Austria? 

Hey, I'm fantastic, thanks. Life in Austria is great. We Austrians tend to complain a lot, but in reality, we have it very nice here. Beautiful landscapes in summer and winter, great food and a special kind of humor - pretty dark and ironic. You learned how to play piano at age of 14 and how to play electric guitar later, what was your motivation to do so? 

Funny thing is, at first I didn't really want to learn any instrument at all. I was always a big music…

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Hyperreal, the independent record label of Titan Slayer, is the home of electronic and hybrid artists, who produce world-class music for Films and Video Games.