Tempest In A Rack

Tempest In A Rack was founded by Sarah Tempest, who was born and grew up in Austria. She learned how to play the piano at the age of 14 and later on how to play the guitar. Being fascinated by how emotions can be triggered by music, especially whilst going along with visual content such as movies or trailers, she's striving to create the same powerful soundtracks that move so many people every day.


Interview with Sarah Tempest 

Hi Sarah, how are you? How is life in Austria? 

Hey, I'm fantastic, thanks. Life in Austria is great. We Austrians tend to complain a lot, but in reality, we have it very nice here. Beautiful landscapes in summer and winter, great food and a special kind of humor - pretty dark and ironic. 

You learned how to play piano at age of 14 and how to play electric guitar later, what was your motivation to do so? 

Funny thing is, at first I didn't really want to learn any instrument at all. I was always a big…

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