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Release Date: 2017-07-17
Artist: John R1se
Genre: Orchestral / Ambient / Hybrid / Score
Label: Hyperreal Records


1. Anticipation (feat. Exaige)
2. Space
3. Approaching the Unknown
4. Eden's Fall
5. Tempest

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About Robert Slump:

John R1se (real name is Evgeniy Akimbaev) is composer and musician was born in Novosibirsk, Russia 26 years ago. Despite his young age artist has succeeded in the collaborations with countless companies widely known in the media landscape such as Really Slow Motion, FiXT and Venator Music.

His career has begun from the project called ‘Red Online’ which became the first experimental field for developing his musician skills. Side by side with his friend (unknown) John made his first steps into the world of electronic rock and cinematic music. Red Online gained several medal places in the FiXT Remix contests which was led by a label owned by talented musician and composer Klayton Celldweller (a pioneer of electronic rock). Some time later guys released two EPs by themselves and that was it.

About Hyperreal:

Hyperreal Records, the independent label of Titan Slayer, is a home of electronic and hybrid artists, who produce world-class music for Films, Video Games and TV.

Our Artists:

John R1se
Robert Slump
Titan Slayer

We distribute digital releases on 40+ platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify, do Film/TV licensing and promote our artist on music blogs and social media. If you interested in working with the Hyperreal Records please submit a streaming link for 2-4 songs and any other info that you think is pertinent. We'll review all submissions and contact you if we are interested!


Tags: Film, Games, TV, Production